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"Still There In My Soul"

"Fool's Paradise"

"I Still Love Her"

JIMMY WALKER (Vocals/Drums)


BOBBY SANTA CRUZ (Bass/Acoustic Guit.)


JOHN SIMON (Piano/Organ)


Recorded and mixed at J Dog Studio,

Sebastopol, CA by John Simon.

Mastered by Ken Lee in Oakland, CA.



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"Jimmy is one of a kind... he's a real star!"

Chris Dreja from Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Yardbirds

The album launch on Facebook has generated hundreds of likes and comments. Thank you everyone! Here are some of them...

“Jimmy Walker’s voice is in top form and he handles all the material on the album like a hot knife through butter. Sidetracked, a funky blues number, is a song from the new album that features some great guitar work from Manion and is just one example of a gifted group of musicians that knows how to play the blues.”

Ken Belferman, Ben Cisco’s World of Music



"Beautiful... Jimmy sounds great, powerful as always!! Beautiful piano playing by John Simon... tasteful... great job!" Scott Riggi


"Fool's Paradise... Great tune Jimmy, really sounds good! I love that style of music. Cool!"  Terry Lawrence


"Sounds great Jimmy!", "Just got the CD in the mail today! AWESOME!!!"  Roger A. Baffer


"Awesome"  Jeff Rey Charles Aldridge


"I would love a copy... been singing Fool's Paradise to myself a lot... it's a very catchy song... love, love, love it!!!!"  Sheri Berman Winchester


"CONGRATULATIONS ON THE CD!!!!! Of course I will buy a copy. Can't wait to hear it!"  Sheri Strobaugh


"Very very cool to hear, thanks Jimmy. It kinda sounds like a mix between Boz Scaggs and Van Morrison, I'm digging it!" Becky Stover


"I love it... you know I'm getting it... PLEASE" Chris Cacace


""Jimmy Walker rocks!!"  Jet Screamer        "Indeed!!" Sean Hutton




"Congrats Jimmy... can't wait to hear it!" Gene Sironen


"Has to be a great album if this is a taster!" Angelo Pacheco


"Very nice Jimmy... I like this!!" Joe Ruffner       "Jimmy: this flat-out swings!" Bob Ashman


"I can't wait to get my copy" Edie Walker          "Killer..."  Clay Christopher


"Great! For sure I want to get it, you have a great voice!" Dora Evans     "Wonderful!" Patricia Norton Beasley


"Look forward to hearing it Jimmy!" Art Porello     "Sounds good Shimmy!" Jane O Qmdb


"This is a must have CD... yes, yes, yes!!!!" Bobby Walker    "Still got the pipes! Excellent!" Richard Flynn


"Nice... still a great singer" Jim Hyde    "GREAT TO HEAR YOU JIMMY... STILL GOT THAT SOUND" Al Bruno


"Hey bro, you've been busy! I love it!" Rock Light    "Great news!!! :)" Angi Lepore


""Nice!!!!!!!!"  Bo Hammar    "Still can hit those high notes. Sounds nice Jimmy" Richard Phipps


""Smooth!" Fraser Loveman    "Super Jimmy, sounds great!" Terry Lawrence    "Jimmy! Very cool sound! Love it!" Ruben Banuelos


"This song is amazing. I would love to have Jimmy back on my show. I'm really enjoying the new songs!" John Darlington, DJ


"Wow, an other winner from Jimmy Walker!" Joyce Conroy, DJ


"I am putting the new songs on rotation in my show. Good tunes!!" Butch Halpin, DJ



DJ and musician Ronnie Dark with Mike Adams, "The Wax Museum", Sundays 7:00 to 10:00pm (East), Love Radio WVOA 87.7 FM



Jimmy has been nominated NUMBER ONE in the Blues Show Awards in the "Blues Men/Singers" category!





"Fool's Paradise", "The Blues Is Killing Me", "Pace Of the Race", "The Right Thing  To Do" and "Stand Up" are play-listed on Croydon Radio

Coming up: Interview with Jerry Bennett on KSER in Seattle




Jolly Roger  I love your album”

Peter Young "Very good Soul/Blues crossover"

Phil Penny  “I like Jimmy Walker and I will play his music”

Kevin Beale  “Love it!!! Please send me some more tracks. I’m playing this one on my show tomorrow night!”

Ian McHugh

Trevord Howard “I’d be very happy to play it”

Tony Corner  “Loving what I’ve heard so far, especially FOOL’S PARADISE, awesome track!”

Eamon Friel  “I’m playing Jimmy’s I STILL LOVE HER off the album tonight… BBC Radio Ulster Late Show… enjoying it very much…”

Ian McKenzie

Hugh Fee  “I’m very much interested in giving Jimmy’s album some airplay. Glad to support such great music!”

Gary Grainger

Les Young

Tim Aves  “Very happy to receive a copy of his album”

Gary Jackson  “Loved hearing the interview back and the new album is superb!”

Kevin Black

Jeremy Rees  “I’ve picked up THE RIGHT THING TO DO, great track but I like them all though!”

Dave Watkins

Nigel Thorne  “I’ve listened to Jimmy’s tracks and it’s just the sort of thing I like to promote via my shows”

Jason Elliott

Steve Morphew  “I’ve had a listen and would be very happy to include it on my show”





“Jimmy Walker’s voice is in top form and he handles all the material on the album like a hot knife through butter. Sidetracked, a funky blues number, is a song from the new album that features some great guitar work from Manion and is just one example of a gifted group of musicians that knows how to play the blues.”


Ken Belferman, Ben Cisco’s World of Music





The new album "Still There In My Soul" is getting airplay on many radio shows in England. Here are some of the DJ's comments:

Full feature and interview on Japanese "Soul Searching" by music writer and DJ Masaharu Yoshioka, titled "SEARCHING FOR JIMMY WALKER". Part 1, 2 and 3.


Interview with Jimmy Howes on WGHT (New Jersey)

See also "ROCK CELLAR", "ALTSOUNDS", "SOMETHING ELSE REVIEWS" and "PSYCHEDELIC BABY" (out of Slovenia!)'s websites


Sony has re-released the album recorded on Challenge Records "HOW CAN I FORGET". Available on digital outlets including iTunes.

Up-coming release on SUNDAZED Records: the ultimate Knickerbockers box set (4 cds). More details soon! You can find the Knickerbockers' discography on their website: 

"Destroy Me"

"Pieces Of A Broken Man"

En Bref

The UMAC Alumni Band (formed by members of the University of Macau) played at the Crowne Plaza Century Park Hotel in Shanghai for the 28th Anniversary of the law firm Herman HM Hui & Co. 

The set included a cover of the Knickerbockers "Lies":


Many artists have covered "Lies" over the years including Styx, Linda Ronstadt, Keith Moon, Keith Allison and the Black Belles (produced by Jack White of the White Stripes)

 "Very good singer" 

 Roger Amstrong, Ace Records, London UK.


"The man has more soul than a shoe shop!  It's a treat to hear his voice again on a CD.  His is a unique and original gift" 

 Ronnie Dark, musician, Syracuse NY.


"Jimmy has such an incredible voice.

 So strong and powerful. He deserves to be  heard by everybody!" 

 Beverly Paterson,  music writer and  reviewer, San Mateo CA.


"Let me say this from a professional      standpoint but the fan will come out.  Jimmy's voice just sends me into orbit.  Forgive me for sounding like Judy Jetson  but  he just knocks you out"  

 Joyce Conroy, DJ at WHFC, Maryland.


"I decided to play guitar and front my own  band... then came Jimmy... the greatest  singer and drummer I've ever met.

 I love this guy. He's my hero" 

 Bobby Walker, musician, Colorado.


"Can't wait to see the band this coming     Saturday... You guys were great last week-  end. I will be there again for sure" 

  Ed Aris, fan, Las Vegas NV.


"I was just starting out and after hearing  you  guys and your voice, I just wanted to  quit.  You have one of the greatest voice  I've ever  heard" 

 Jerry Porreca, musician and owner of the  Gaslight Bar & Grill, Greenfield Center, New  York.


"Jimmy is a great drummer with a fabulous   voice to boost. Oh my... Love you!" 

  Connie Ramey, fan, San Francisco CA.


"Jimmy is one of the best drummer/singer  in  the industry"

 Bruce Conte, guitarist, ex-Tower Of Power,  Phillipines.


"No Argument there!" 

 Butch Rillera, drummer, ex-Righteous    Brothers, Las Vegas NV.


"Jimmy is the real deal. Thanks Jimmy, Soul  Man #1!" 

 Scott Riggi, musician, Schenectady, NY.


"Man oh man, that's Jimmy Walker,  amazing!" 

 Al Bruno, singer, New York.



Righteous Brothers

Righteous Brothers

Ronnie Dark and new fans!

Ronnie Dark and new fans!

DJ's Ronnie Dark and Mike Adams

DJ's Ronnie Dark and Mike Adams

Delrey Beach The Knickerbockers 1990

Delrey Beach The Knickerbockers 1990

Alvon Johnson

Alvon Johnson

"Rebirth" album

"Rebirth" album

""Playing To Win" album

""Playing To Win" album

Hot Street promo shot

Hot Street promo shot

Righteous Brothers autographs

Righteous Brothers autographs

New York

New York

Japanese Rebirth

Japanese Rebirth


 Fons Vanwoorden, Youtube 



 Martin Sanders, musician, England


"Sounds better than lots of songs that are out  there today"

 Jpblues69, Youtube


"Jimmy's voice sounds like a cross of Gary Puckett,

 Scott Walker and Bill Medley... one heck of a 

 compilation of talent!"

 Ahstc1973, Youtube


"Absolutely wonderful!"

 Richard Keogh, Youtube



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